Black Sticky Rice Pudding
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kao niow dahm 
2 cup  whole-grain black sticky rice, sweet rice or glutinous rice
2   cups, or 1 can, coconut milk
1/2 cup  sugar
1/2 tsp  salt
2 Tbsp  toasted sesame seeds and/or toasted unsweetened shredded coconut
  optional strawberries (or mango slice) and mint leaves (optional)
measure the rice into a bowl; run your fingers through the rice and check 
for any pebbles or other noticeable impurities. rinse the rice a few times 
until the water clears. cover with at least 2 inches of water and allow to 
soak 4 or more hours, or overnight. the grains will absorb water and grow 
in size. when ready to cook, drain the rice and place in a heat-proof 
bowl with room enough for the rice grains to expand about a third more 
than its uncooked bulk. add a small amount of boiling water, just enough 
to barely cover the rice grains. place the bowl on a steamer rack and 
steam over medium heat about 30-40 minutes. if you do not have a steamer, 
use a large pot in which the bowl fits. place a trivet on the bottom 
along with 2-3 inches of water. bring to a boil. balance the bowl with the 
rice on the trivet and add hot water to the rice. cover and steam. 
steaming the rice with a small volume of water will leave the top layer of 
grains intact, retaining a chewy texture which pops in your mouth like 
nuts. if you wish the rice to be softer, add more water to the rice. 
while the rice is steaming, make the coconut sauce by heating the coconut 
milk, sugar and salt together in a saucepan. stir to dissolve the sugar 
and salt and blend the sauce until smooth. keep warm. when the rice is 
cooked and while still hot out of the steamer, add about half of the sauce 
or enough to thoroughly coat the rice. stir and mix well. the rice should 
be wet but not swimming in sauce. let stand 15-20 minutes to allow the 
flavorings to be absorbed. reserve the remaining sauce for spooning over 
the rice before serving. the flavored rice can be molded into a round 
mound on a serving plate and decorated with toasted sesame seeds and/or 
coconut shreds, sliced strawberries and mint leaves for color. or dish 
into individual serving bowls or custard cups, topped with the reserved 
sauce, toasted seeds and coconut and a mint leaf. for a wetter pudding 
like texture, the rice may alternatively be cooked by boiling, the same 
way as you would regular rice. use 2 1/2 to 3 cups of water to each cup of 
rice. bring to a boil. reduce heat to simmer and cook partially covered 
until the grains are cooked and surrounded by a thick sauce, stirring 
occasionally to prevent sticking and burning. add sugar to sweeten to your 
liking. stir well, cover and place on lowest heat setting for another 5-10 
minutes. make the sauce less sweet but more salty for contrast with the 
already sweetened rice. when ready to serve, dish the rice into individual 
serving bowls and dribble some sauce over each serving. serve warm or at 
room temperature. 
notes: because of its rich, nutty flavor, black sticky rice is usually 
eaten by itself and not served with fruits, like white sticky rice often 
is with mangoes. for toppings, stronger flavors like toasted sesame seeds 
or toasted shredded coconut do more to accentuate the natural flavor of 
the rice. unsweetened shredded coconut is available in small packages from 
asian food markets or sold in bulk in specialty food stores. 
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