Mexican Chicken
bonnie sent this to bakeryshoppe yesterday and we tried it last night. she 
said it was yummy and cheesy and boy was she ever right. it is terrific - 
even the "picky" 9 yo liked it. and, the way we did it, it is quick and 
easy too 
what more can you ask???? :) 
our tomatoes are finally coming in, and we had fried green tomatoes with 
this and it was a wonderful, satisfying meal. served 4 adults and 4 
children and we even had a little bit left over. a definite keeper :). 
original recipe as sent by bonnie 
mexican chicken 400* 
10 to 12   chicken thighs
1 large  block of velveeta cheese
2 can  cream of chicken soup
1 small  can green chilies
1 large  bag of doritos
place chicken in water in large saucepan on stove, medium heat. 
add salt, pepper and onion powder to your liking. 
cook chicken until it is falling off the bone. 
cut up the velveeta cheese, melt and mix with green chilies and 
soup..stir and mix well 
crunch up your bag of doritos and set aside. 
when chicken is done, remove and place in baking dish, cover 
with cheese mixture. 
top with crushed doritos and bake on 400 for 15 mins or until 
doritos are just turning brown. 
very cheesy and yummy !!!!!!! 
from bonnie to bakeryshoppe 
of course we adapted it - those of you that know me, know 
that i cook at least 4 chickens at a time, use one for a meal and 
debone and dice the rest. i then freeze in 1 cup amounts so we 
always have "leftover chicken" with which to cook. 
therefore - this is what we did :) 
mexican chicken 400* 
4 cup  cooked and diced chicken
1 lb.  velveeta cheese
2 can  cream of chicken soup
1 small  can green chilies
  salt and pepper to taste
  onion powder to taste
  garlic powder to taste
1/2   bag cool ranch doritos, crunched up
  bite size round tostitos
combine chicken, velvetta, chilis and cream of chicken soups 
until melted and hot 
put layer of tostitos in 9x13-inch casserole dish 
pour chicken and cheese mixture over the tostito layer. 
top with crushed doritos. 
bake on 400 for 15 mins or until doritos are just turning brown. 
very cheesy and yummy !!!!!!! 
from bonnie to bakeryshoppe 
and adapted by michelle 
(ID: 11169) Mirror: Fri, Aug 22, 2003

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