Excellent Potato Pancakes
having grown up with latkes potato pancakes i can tell you this 
is an excellent recipe. you need to heed the advice given the kind of 
potato to use, the size to make the pancakes, etc. i like them served 
plain, with applesauce, and with sour cream and chives! 
perfect potato pancakes 
- courtesy of the washington post 
(makes about 28 2-to-3-inch pancakes) 
this is a basic, no-nonsense recipe that produces crisp pancakes, with 
moist, almost creamy centers. when doubling the recipe add the flour 
slowly; the full amount may not be needed. 
2 lb.  russet (baking) potatoes, peeled and placed in a bowl of cold
1/3 cup  grated onion
2   eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup  all-purpose flour
1 tsp  salt, plus additional to taste
  freshly ground black pepper to taste
  canola or peanut oil, as needed for frying
line a large baking sheet with paper towels. if serving the pancakes 
immediately, preheat the oven to 200 degrees. 
have a large bowl of cold water ready. using a hand grater or a food 
processor fitted with the medium shredding disc, grate the potatoes. as 
the potatoes are grated, transfer them to the bowl of water. when all of 
the potatoes are grated, set aside for 5 minutes. drain the shredded 
potatoes in a large colander, rinsing with cold water. transfer to a 
clean bowl. add the onion, if using, the eggs and flour. add salt and 
pepper to taste. using a large spoon or your hands thoroughly combine 
the mixture. i think using your hands is best - you know then that you 
really have mixed the ingredients well. 
meanwhile, in a large, preferably straight-sided, frying or saute pan, 
add enough oil to reach 1/4- to 1/3-inch deep. heat until a shred of 
potato dropped in the oil sizzles immediately. 
using 2 tablespoons from a regular silverware set, form the pancakes. 
scoop up a generous spoonful of the potato mixture with 1 spoon. using 
the other spoon, flatten the mixture. slide the pancake into the oil. 
repeat until the pan is full, but not crowded. cook the pancakes until 
browned to your liking on the first side. using a spatula or 2 forks, 
turn the pancakes over and cook until done. transfer the finished 
pancakes to the lined baking sheet. repeat with the remaining mixture. 
if serving the pancakes immediately, transfer the sheet to the preheated 
oven to keep warm. (if serving the pancakes later, set the pancakes 
aside to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate or freeze until 
ready to serve. reheat the pancakes in a 350-degree oven.) 
-:=a6:- judy b -:=a6:- 
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