Barbecued Watermelon Rind with Sauces ala Nita
request from: aaron <> 
subject: barbecued watermelon rinds 
it came to me in a dream... (recipe?) 
alright.... hear me out... i had a dream about a dish, and now am 
desperate to know if it is wholely deranged, or actually somehow 
exists; barbecued watermelon rinds 
now, yes, i am aware that there are recipes for a barbecue sauce made 
with watermelon rinds, but in the dream, folks all barbecued the rinds 
after they'd been pickled a while, to give them the right texture. now, 
in the dream they were a huge hit with vegetarians, because they had 
this "meaty" texture, and sated that craving for those who had not 
always been vegetarian. 
after cooking for 54 plus years, i should be able to solve your 
1/4 cup  apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp  dark brown sugar
1/2 cup  delmonte or heinz ketsup
1 Tbsp  lea & perrins worchestershire sauce
1 Tbsp  kikkoman soy sauce
1/4 cup  dark brown sugar
1/4 cup  honey
1/4 cup  port wine
1 or 2 tsp  liquid smoke -- to taste (optional)
  juice of 1/2 fresh lemon (optional)*
1/2 tsp  ground cinnamon
pinch  of nutmeg (optional)
cut watermelon. remove the red pulp. discard seed. place pulp in a large 
bowl or plastic bag. cover or seal tightly and refrigerate for use in 
salad, dessert, etc.. cut remaining rind in blocks about 4 inches square, 
leaving the green rind intact. 
make sauces: mix initial brushing sauce: combine1/4 cup apple cider 
vinegar and 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar 
cook barbecue brushing sauce: place catsup, worcestershire sauce, soy 
sauce, dark brown sugar, honey, port wine, liquid smoke, lemon juice, 
cinnamon and nutmeg in a 2 quart boiler. stir well to combine. heat to 
boil over medium heat. reduce heat and cook slow until reduced and 
thickened. turn heat off. set aside. 
heat barbecue grill. place rind pieces on grill away from direct heat 
with skin side down. brush melon rind pieces several times with initial 
brushing sauce (vinegar mixture.) heat rind a couple of minutes to allow 
to season. now brush rind several times with the barbecue sauce. allow to 
cook several minutes longer until hot through and fork tender. do not 
overcook. serve rind hot on plate with meat. scoop white rind off green 
watermelon skin with a spoon to eat. discard skin. 
* could use 1/2 cup pineapple juice (small can). if you would like to 
serve this with barbecued pineapple slices, use juice from pineapple 
slices can. 
nita holleman 
copyright (c) 2003 
all rights reserved 
used by permission 
(ID: 12926) Mirror: Sat, May 3, 2003

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