Mexican White Sauce (3) Collection
chile con queso 
queso blanco 
white cheese dip 
request from: louise maddox <> 
around here in the "authentic" mexican restaurants, they serve a 
white dipping sauce along with their chips and salsa. i can't get 
them to give up the recipe, but would love to have one. 
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title: chile con queso 
categories: appetizers, dips, cheese, mexican 
yield: 1 1/4 cups 
1 cup  asadero cheese; shredded *
4 oz.  jalapeqos, chopped;
  drained, or
4 oz.  poblanos, deveined &
1/4 cup  half & half
2 Tbsp  onion; finely chopped
2 tsp  cumin, ground
1/2 tsp  salt
heat all ingredients over low heat, stirring constantly, 
until the cheese is melted. serve warm with tostaditas. 
(if this is made with julienned poblanos, it's called 
"queso con rajas de chile"). hey, folks. as far as i'm concerned, this 
is the one i was looking for! a few people have told me it didn't work out 
for them, but i've made this dip many, many times. it works just fine for 
me. i've collected some ideas for variations and alternatives through the 
years, and hopefully you'll find something which works for you. 
poor man's cheese dip (for the mild of taste) 
can't handle jalapenos and chilis? don't have any jalapenos and chilis? 
that's okay. just grab a little mrs. dash, or any similar mixture of tasty 
spices. many people enjoy the dip itself without adding peppers at all, 
but for those of us who need a little excitement, flavoring can come in 
many different forms. 
"secrets to cooking texmex" 
queso blanco 
a white dipping sauce served in many restaurants with chips or hot flour 
tortillas for dipping. this is a basic recipe that uses 'jack' for the 
texmex version and chihuahua and/or asadero for the more traditional 
mexican version. 
yield: 2 servings 
1 cup  cheese (monterey jack, asadero or chihuahua) shredded fine
4 oz.  green chiles
1/4 cup  half & half
2 Tbsp  onion, chopped fine
2 tsp  ground cumin
1/2 tsp  salt
1   serrano pepper, chopped fine (optional)
1 Tbsp  fresh cilantro, chopped fine (optional)
put all ingredients in a double boiler and heat on medium. 
cook until melted and well blended, stirring occasionally. 
serve with fresh tostadas or hot flour tortillas. 
white cheese dip 
for this dip, based on the mexican queso fundido, you will need 
to use a flameproof dish set over candles or sterno to keep the 
cheese melted. 
2 lb.  monterey jack cheese, grated
1/4 cup  all purpose flour
1-1/3 cup  beer
1/2 cup  chopped fresh cilantro
4 tsp  minced jalapeņo chilies
  blue corn tortilla chips
place cheese in large bowl. add flour, toss to coat. bring beer to boil in 
heavy large saucepan. reduce heat to low. add 1 handful of cheese to beer; 
stir constantly until cheese melts. repeat with remaining cheese; stir 
until thick & creamy (do not boil). stir in cilantro & chilies. season 
with salt & pepper. pour in flameproof baking dish. if desired, preheat 
broiler. broil cheese dip until top is golden, about 2 minutes. set dish 
over candles or sterno on serving table. serve with tortilla chips.12 
ms linda in tennessee 
(ID: 13393) Mirror: Thu, Apr 10, 2003

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