Tarragon Spinach Crab Quiche
makes: 1 quiche 
serves: depends on how hungry you are 
oven: 375f 
cooking time: 40 minutes 
1-1/4 cup  flour
1/8 tsp  salt
1/2 cup  [1 stick] cold unsalted butter [no substitutes!]
3 Tbsp  ice water
1 large  onion, finely chopped
1 clove  garlic, minced
1 cup  white wine
1 handfull  spinach leaves [more or less to your tastes]
3/4 cup  fresh crab or imitation crab meat
1/2 cup  feta cheese crumbles
glass  pie pan - 8 or 9 inch.
make the quiche dough: 
mix the flour and salt in a bowl. using a sharp knife and holding the 
stick of butter over the bowl, pull the wrapper off one end and 
whittle tiny slices of butter into the bowl [m&m size pieces]. 
continue pulling the wrapper back to slice until you've got all the 
butter in the bowl. toss the flour with the butter until all of the 
butter pieces are covered. using your hands, mulch the mixture until 
it resembles fine crumbs. 
add the cold water a tablespoon at a time; you may not need all of the 
water. add just enough water so that the dough sticks together. being 
careful not to overwork the dough, form it into a ball then flatten it 
so you've got a flat disc. put this in the fridge for at least an hour 
to chill [cold dough is easier to roll out]. 
make the filling: 
saute the onions and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil. add the 
white wine and crab. continue to cook until the onions are soft. turn 
off the heat, add a generous amount of dried tarragon [about a 
tablespoon; use less if using fresh tarragon]. 
tear the spinach leaves away from the stem and into small pieces. 
scramble 8-10 eggs [depending on the size of your pie dish] in a bowl 
with 1/4 cup milk, salt, fresh ground pepper, and more tarragon. 
after an hour or more of chilling the dough, the quiche is ready to be 
assembled. tear off 4 large pieces of plastic wrap, use two to cover 
your pastry board [or to lay overlapping on your counter]. place the 
dough in the middle of the wrap. put the other 2 pieces of wrap over 
the first - like a wrap sandwich. now, roll out the dough between the 
wrap into a circle [no more sticky mess!]. when you've got the dough 
the right size, peel off the top layer of plastic wrap. pick up the 
bottom wrap with the dough stuck to it, flip it over so that the dough 
is face down in the pie dish, and then slowly peel the plastic off the 
dough. press the dough into the pie dish and sculpt the edges as you 
sprinkle the spinach over the dough. 
pour the crab onion mix over the spinach. 
sprinkle the feta cheese over the crab mix. 
pour the eggs over the cheese, filling the pie dish up to the edge of 
the crust. 
bake in the 375 oven for 40 minutes or until knife in the middle 
comes out clean. 
quiche is excellent just made, or the next morning for brunch. here 
are recommended sides- 
baked potato halves drizzled with seasoned rice vinegar, olive oil 
and sprinkled generously with garlic salt. 
baby greens salad with mint, edible flowers, and dill dressing -to 
make dill dressing mix seasoned rice vinegar, olive oil, fresh pepper, 
and dash of dill]. 
tall glass of fresh orange juice or mimosa. 
if you like this recipe, i have many more of my own, and those that 
i've collected from other sources at 
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