Nita's Best Fried Shrimp with Dipping Sauce
we've had and tried fried shrimp all kinds of ways. these are by far the 
best! nita 
  enough peanut oil to cover shrimp -- heated until a drop of water sizzles or
  to 350 degrees f.
1 lb.  extra large fresh shrimp or colossal farm raised shrimp (7 to 9 per
  person, depending on size), peeled, deveined and butterflied, rinsed, drained
2   egg whites, beaten lightly with 2 teaspoons water
1/2 tsp  table salt, to taste
1/4 tsp  paprika
1/4 tsp  garlic magic or garlic powder (optional)
1   sleeve sunshine saltine crackers, crumbled fine in processor or in zip lock
  bag with rolling pin
prepare shrimp -- be sure to fully butterfly them, leaving tail on but 
splitting in 2 sections almost to the tail. drain shrimp well. 
prepare cracker crumb coating. 
prepare sauce (below). 
put oil on to preheat for frying to 350 degrees f. or until a drop of water 
will sizzle. 
with a wire whip, lightly beat egg white with water. whisk in the salt, 
paprika and garlic powder (optional). 
put half the well drained shrimp in this mixture. coat well. 
place shrimp in the cracker crumbs and coat well. gently shake off excess. 
slowly place these in the hot oil and fry for 3 minutes until lightly golden 
brown. do not overfry! drain well and place on paper towels or uncoated paper 
plates (the cheap kind) to drain. 
repeat process until all are cooked. 
enjoy with dipping sauce! 
nita holleman 
dipping sauce: 
6 or 7 oz.  catsup -- del monte or heinz (be sure to shake it up)
2 tsp  mayonnaise
3 or 4 Tbsp  or more pure whipping cream
1/8 tsp  garlic magic or garlic powder (optional)
  fresh lemon wedges
with a wire whisk, combine mayonnaise with catsup until smooth. slowly add 
cream and whisk together until you have a creamy sauce about the color of 
thousand island dressing. add garlic magic (available at most super markets) 
or garlic powder to taste. cover and refrigerate. 
nita holleman 
serve shrimp hot with dipping sauce and lemon wedges! 
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