Beachcomber Coconut Shrimp With Christine's Dipping Sauce
beachcomber coconut shrimp 
christine went to high school with nina in la jolla, ca. then they lost 
touch for nearly 30 years until we ran into each other in buena vista in 
2001. christine and her husband, leo had just bought a house here. now not only our good friends, but our neighbors too! when we visited 
them in florence, oregon a few summers ago they took us to their 
restaurant/tavern in old town florence, the beachcomber. there was a baja 
specialty, coconut shrimp on their menu, so of course terry ordered it. 
and lo and behold; i loved it! so here it is. make sure those shrimp are 
nice and crispy and be brave and leave the seeds in the jalapenos! as 
christine says, mo hottah, mo bettah! they have since sold the restaurant, 
but the recipe lives on. 
leos coconut shrimp 
serves four to six. 
2 lb.  jumbo shrimp
1 cup  flour
1 cup  cold beer or ice water
1/2 tsp  sugar
1/2 tsp  salt
2 Tbsp  olive oil
1   egg
1 cup  shredded coconut
1 cup  corn or canola oil
peel, devein and butterfly shrimp, leaving tail on. rinse and drain. in 
mixing bowl, combine flour, beer, sugar, salt, olive oil and egg. slightly 
chop coconut in food processor and pour onto plate for rolling. heat oil 
in deep fryer or deep skillet to medium high heat. dip shrimp in batter 
and roll in coconut. cook in oil until golden brown and crispy on each 
side. drain on paper towel. 
~~~ christine's dipping sauce 
1 cup  orange marmalade, mango or pineapple preserves
2   fresh jalepenos, minced
for spicier sauce, do not remove seeds. 
mix with marmalade and leave in refrigerator 
for an hour to give flavors a chance to blend. 
arrange shrimp on a platter with dipping sauce 
in a bowl in the middle and serve. 
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