Joan's Potato Pancakes
submitted by rosskat 
4 medium  to large yukon gold potatoes
2 large  eggs
1 small  onion, grated
1/4 cup  more of flour or complete pancake and waffle mix to bind mixture
1 tsp  baking powder if using the flour
1 tsp  salt
  corn or peanut oil to fry
the recipe is traditional but my addition of pancake and waffle mix make 
this very special. i hope you enjoy these as much as my family does! 
peel potatoes and place in ice water while you are peeling the remainder. 
pat dry potatoes and finely grate or shred using a hand grater or food 
processor. place mixture in a colander, press to drain out any excess 
liquid. place potatoes in a bowl. tip the liquid from the drained potatoes 
reserving any potato starch and place into potato mixture ( optional ) add 
the grated onion, eggs, salt and enough flour with baking powder or 
pancake and waffle mix to bind the mixture together. heat at least one 
inch of oil in a heavy duty pan until the oil begins to get wavy over the 
surface ( this is done over medium high heat ).the oil should be hot 
enough and the pancake will sizzle when dropped in. if it doesn't sizzle 
the oil is not hot enough! then drop mixture into hot oil by heaping 
tablespoons, pressing the mixture with back of spoon to flatten out. fry 
each side until golden ( several minutes for each side ) and try to turn 
only once. drain on absorbent paper. serve hot with maple syrup, 
applesauce, sour cream or whatever you like!! yield: usually enough for 6 
to 8 servings 
oil must be hot enough. if not sure use a thermometer and heat to 375f do 
not over crowd when frying coarse or fine grating alters the texture but 
not the flavor!!! pancake mixture should not be made ahead of time ( 
potatoes turn colors ( pink, tan, brown etc. ) yukon gold usually does not 
turn as quickly as other varieties of potatoes prepared pancakes my be 
kept warm on a foil lined pan in a 200f oven leftovers can be frozen but 
they must be oven reheated to get crisp again. however fresh is best 
variations for part of the potatoes: grated zucchini,or carrots, or 
apples, or sweet potatoes or kernel corn can replace a potato or two. 
different herbs and spices can alter the flavor to your liking thicker 
batters make puffier pancakes and likewise thinner batters make flatter 
ones. yield depends on how large or small the dropped batter is dropped 
from the spoon if using pancake and waffle mix in recipe instead of flour, 
the complete variety with buttermilk is a good choice! 
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