Swedish Meatballs/Finnish Meatballs
finnish meatballs 
my finnish mother-in-law taught me how to make these and they are similar 
to swedish meatballs Žin finland they often put a bit of nutmeg in theirs, 
but my mother-in-law doesn't. i don't care for the nutmeg taste either but 
some people seem to like it. 
1 lb.  hamburger (80% fat is best as it doesn't pop as much but the fatter
  tastes better)
1 tsp  salt
1/4 tsp  ground white pepper
1/2 cup  heavy cream or half & half
1 small  to med. onion
1/2 cup  old-fashioned oatmeal
  real butter (approx 1 tbsp.)
1/2 tsp  dried dill (optional) it's good with or without this
pour the cream into a bowl with the oatmeal before you start making 
meatballs so the oatmeal softens while you are chopping the onion. add 
salt & pepper to the oatmeal mixture too. slice off about a third of the 
onion to go in meatballs themselves. chop really fine. take the other part 
of onion and slice it into slices and put into the pot you are going to 
simmer your meatballs in. cover the onions with water just until covered a 
couple of inches and turn on to simmer while frying meatballs. 
put hamburger in mixing bowl and add the minced onion and oatmeal mixture 
and mix well with fork until it looks thoroughly mixed together. take 
about 1 tbsp. of butter and put in frying pan and turn to about med. high. 
(you might have to turn it down to med if they start getting too dark) let 
the pan get hot and the butter a little browned. roll your meat into 
meatballs in the same bowl they are in and you might have to turn the 
water faucet to a trickle and wet your hands periodically as the meatballs 
are rather sticky. fry them in 2 batches and the second batch you will 
probably have enough grease left that you won't need more butter. turn 
them at least a couple of times or as much as you can to make them dark 
brown. the darker the better as this gives the good flavor. put on paper 
towels to drain after browning for about 8 minutes. take the drained 
meatballs and put in your pot with the onions. pour any leftover grease 
out of your frying pan and discard grease. add some water to the frying 
pan and scrape up any pan drippings. pour this over meatballs. if you 
don't have enough water to just cover them, add some from faucet. try to 
use as small a pot as the meatballs will fit in as they have more flavor 
with less broth used. add enough salt to the simmering water to taste 
salty enough. simmer for 30 minutes and serve over salted boiled potatoes. 
the trick to making really good meatballs is to get the salt just right 
between the meatballs and potatoes. also to get the meatballs as brown as 
you can. 
my mother in-law sometimes makes a gravy for the meatballs instead of 
cooking them in the water for 30 minutes. she takes about 4 tbsp. of real 
butter and melts in frying pan and adds 4 tbsp of flour. stir until 
browned and then add enough water to make a gravy. when thickened, pour in 
a little bit of cream just to make it creamy and give a little flavor. add 
salt & white pepper to taste. you can add a bit of dill again if you want 
or not. add the meatballs to the gravy and mash a couple of them into the 
gravy and let them simmer for about 25 minutes. this is great too but oh 
so fattening!!! 
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