REQUESTS from Monday, September 27, 2004
homemade olive 
kettle corn 
flavorful tortas 
unusual deviled eggs 
chocolate latte 
peanut butter and chocolate bars 
honey barbecue chicken 
from: (treefrog) 
subject: homemade olive recipes 
date: 27 sep 2004 11:11:22 -0700 
hi everyone, 
this is the first year that we are trying to make homemade olives from 
our olive tree. i live in northern california and these are just 
small green olives. i have a few questions that i am hoping someone 
could help me with: 
1. does anyone have any good marinade recipes, including 
amounts/ratios? it sounds like garlic is used a lot - is it okay to 
use fresh or should it be dried? 
2. when do i put the marinade in with the olives? do i just can them 
and put the marine in at that time, or should i marinade them for 
awhile before canning them? i read somewhere that someone put their 
olives in a marinade for a week before canning, but then i wasn't 
clear on what happened next - when canning the olives does that same 
marinade they sat in go too, or then at that time if its just supposed 
to be salt water, or...? 
3. i have two buckets of olives - one is softer and the other seems 
fairly hard still, even though they sat in the lye yesterday. does 
that mean i didn't leave the ones that are harder in the lye long 
enough, or will they soften over time once being canned? 
thanks so much. 
from: "chuck and kim" <> 
subject: kettle corn 
date: mon, 27 sep 2004 17:12:46 -0400 
this first time i ate kettle corn i thought yuck, but it has become an 
acquired taste of sorts. someone please share a good recipe for this type 
of popcorn so i can make it from scratch. many thanks in advance! 
from: "dewayne hanna" <> 
subject: flavorful tortas 
date: mon, 27 sep 2004 01:21:48 -0400 
i had several recipes for party tortas but my computer crashed and i lost 
them. they were feta cheese or cream cheese in layers with something 
different colored loke sun-dried tomatoes or pesto, or olives. they were 
so good and i really miss them. 
date: mon, 27 sep 2004 21:21:12 +0000 
from: "marisa dotson" <> 
subject: unusual deviled eggs 
looking for unusual deviled egg recipes. i want to make them for a party. 
from: "tracy grace" <> 
subject: chocolate latte 
date: sun, 26 sep 2004 02:14:47 +0300 
a coffee shop near me make a chocolate latte. i would like a recipe for 
from: "juliet s. patel" <> 
date: mon, 27 sep 2004 12:27:40 +0000 
subject: peanut butter and chocolate bars 
hello there, 
i wonder if any body has any recipes for a bar where the bottom is peanut 
butter flavored and the top is chocolate? 
from: "tim bassett" <> 
subject: honey barbecue chicken 
date: mon, 27 sep 2004 17:43:21 +0000 
this past weekend i ate some honey barbecued chicken. it was so good.a 
little sweet and a little tart. if you have a recipe for this, please send 
it in. thanks 
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