Mushroom Soup ( 5) Collection
creamy mushroom soup (america's test kitchens) 
chateau de chauvac wild forrest mushroom soup 
cream of mushroom soup 
chunky chicken and mushroom chowder 
forest mushroom soup 
creamy mushroom soup (america's test kitchens) 
serves 6 to 8 to make sure that the soup has a fine, velvety texture, 
puree it hot off the stove, but do not fill the blender jar more than 
halfway, as the hot liquid may cause the lid to pop off the jar. 
6 Tbsp  unsalted butter
6 large  shallots, minced (about 3/4 cup)
2 small  cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp  freshly grated nutmeg
2 lb.  white mushrooms, wiped clean and
  sliced 1/4 inch thick
3-1/2 cup  homemade chicken stock or canned
  lowsodium chicken broth
4 cup  hot water
1/2 oz.  dried porcini mushrooms, rinsed well
1/3 cup  madeira or dry sherry
1 cup  heavy cream
2 tsp  lemon juice
  salt and ground black pepper
1   recipe sautéed wild mushrooms*** for garnish (below)
heat butter in large stockpot or dutch oven over medium-low heat. when 
foaming subsides, add shallots and sauté, stirring frequently, until 
softened, about 4 minutes. stir in garlic and nutmeg and cook until 
fragrant, about 1 minute longer. increase heat to medium, add sliced 
mushrooms, and stir to coat with butter. cook, stirring occasionally, 
until mushrooms release some liquid, about 7 minutes. reduce heat to 
medium-low, cover pot, and cook, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms 
have released all their liquid, about 20 minutes. add chicken stock, 
water, and porcini mushrooms. cover, bring to simmer, then reduce heat to 
low and simmer until mushrooms are fully tender, about 20 minutes. 
puree soup in batches in blender until smooth, filling the blender jar 
only halfway for each batch . rinse and dry pot. return soup to pot. stir 
in madeira and cream and bring to simmer over low heat. add lemon juice 
and season to taste with salt and pepper. (soup can be refrigerated in an 
airtight container for up to 4 days. warm over low heat until hot; do not 
boil.) serve, garnishing each bowl with some sautéed wild mushrooms. 
sautéed wild mushrooms 
makes enough to garnish 6 to 8 bowls of soup 
float a few sautéed mushrooms in each bowl of soup for visual, textural, 
and flavor appeal. delicate enoki mushrooms are also a nice addition. if 
you like, add an ounce or two of enoki mushrooms to the pan during the 
final minute of the cooking time in step 2. 
2 Tbsp  unsalted butter
8 oz.  shiitake, chanterelle, oyster, or cremini
  mushrooms, stems trimmed and discarded,
  mushrooms wiped clean and sliced thin
  salt and ground black pepper
heat butter in medium skillet over low heat. when foam subsides, add 
mushrooms and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. cover and cook, 
stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms release their liquid, about 10 
minutes for shiitakes and chanterelles, about 5 minutes for oysters, and 
about 9 minutes for cremini. uncover and continue to cook, stirring 
occasionally, until liquid released by mushrooms has evaporated and 
mushrooms are browned, about 2 minutes for shiitakes, about 3 minutes for 
chanterelles, and about 2 minutes for oysters and cremini. use mushrooms 
immediately as garnish for bowls of soup. 
chateau de chauvac wild forrest mushroom soup with port cream 
recipe courtesy chateau de chauvac 
beaulieu-sur-dordogne, al france 
12 oz.  total fresh mushrooms
  chteau de chauvac variety:
4 oz.  fresh cèpes
4 oz.  fresh lapioti
4 oz.  fresh morilles
4 oz.  butter
1 small  onion, chopped medium
2 stalk  celery, diced fine
1 tsp  garlic, chopped fine
3 cup  heavy cream
1 cup  port
6 cup  chicken stock
1/4 cup  cornstarch, dissolved in water
1 Tbsp  fresh thyme
1 Tbsp  fresh rosemary
prepare the wild mushrooms by gently cleansing and removing all loose 
dirt. chop roughly. sauté the onion, celery and garlic in melted butter in 
a large, heavy pot over medium heat until the onions are transparent. add 
the fresh mushrooms and the heavy cream; allow to simmer gently for 10 
minutes. reduce the heat to low; add the port and simmer 2-3 minutes 
longer. add the chicken stock and boil for 15 minutes. add the diluted 
cornstarch, rosemary, & thyme. simmer for 5 additional minutes. add salt & 
pepper to taste. serve hot with crusty french baguettes. 
searching for wild mushrooms on chateau de chauvac's 26 acres of tranquil 
woods and streams is only half the fun...the best is enjoying a delicious 
bowl of this rich creamy mushroom soup by the roaring fire on a brisk 
autumn day! bon appétit! 
cream of mushroom soup 
adapted from "the totally mushroom cookbook" by helene siegel and karen 
serves 4 
4 Tbsp  butter
1 lb.  any mushroom/variety you like!
1/2   onion, thinly sliced
  salt and black pepper
3 cup  chicken stock
1-1/4 cup  heavy cream
1 Tbsp  fresh chopped thyme
  fresh lemon juice
melt butter in a large stock pot over medium-high heat. sauté mushrooms 
and onions with salt and pepper until liquid evaporates, 10 minutes. add 
chicken stock, cream , and thyme. bring to a boil and remove from heat. 
puree in batches in food processor and pour back into pot. bring just to 
boil and season to taste with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. serve hot. 
chunky chicken and mushroom chowder 
1.25 lb.  chicken breast (with bone)
2 cup  chicken broth
1 cup  water
6   redskinned potatoes (1.5 lbs.) scrubbed and cut into 1 inch slices
1   carrot
1 tsp  salt
3/4 tsp  dried thyme
1/8 tsp  black pepper
1 cup  milk
1/4 cup  heavy cream
8 oz.  mushrooms (crimini or a variety) cut to bite sized pieces
1/2 tsp  worcestershire sauce
in a 3 quart-pot, bring chicken breast, broth and water to a boil. reduce 
heat to low, cover and simmer 20 minutes or until the chicken is done. 
remove the chicken from the broth and set aside broth pot. cut chicken 
into larger pieces and discard skin and bones. to the broth, add potatoes, 
carrot, 3/4 tsp. salt, thyme and black pepper. cover and simmer about 15 
minutes or until the potatoes are tender. add milk, cream, mushrooms and 
the reserved chicken meat. bring to a boil. reduce heat, cover and simmer 
5 minutes. taste and add remaining 1/4 tsp.. salt and worcestershire 
sauce. serve with crusty french bread. 
forest mushroom soup 
american heart association around the world cookbook: healthy recipes with 
international flavor this simple soup brings out the warm earthiness of 
the mushroom. feel free to use shiitake for all the mushrooms if you enjoy 
their strong, rich flavor. the homemade chicken stock in this recipe can 
also be used in other recipes. if you don't want to take the time to make 
homemade broth, use the commercial low-sodium variety. 
3 lb.  chicken parts, such as wings, necks, backs, ribs, and breastbones
1   green onion, cut into 4 pieces
2 slice  fresh gingerroot, each about the size of a quarter
2   fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms
6 cup  chicken stock
2 Tbsp  reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 tsp  fragrant toasted sesame oil
3 Tbsp  dry sherry (optional)
3 Tbsp  cornstarch (optional)
3 Tbsp  water (optional)
2 to 3   drops chili oil
6 to 8   fresh medium mushrooms, any variety, sliced
2   green onions, thinly sliced diagonally
rinse the chicken parts and pat dry with paper towels. to prepare the 
stock, place the chicken parts in a large stockpot and add water to cover. 
add the green onion pieces and the gingerroot. bring to a simmer over 
medium heat, then reduce heat to maintain the simmer. skim off and discard 
the foam that rises to the top in the next few minutes. when the foam 
thins and lightens in color, partially cover the pot, leaving a small 
vent. adjust the heat to maintain the barest simmer. cook for about 4 
hours. remove the stock from the heat. strain the stock over a large bowl 
without pressing on the chicken parts. (pressing on them causes the stock 
to be very cloudy.) discard the chicken parts and chill the broth, tightly 
covered, overnight. by morning, all the fat will have risen to the top of 
the jellied broth. remove and discard the fat. 
to assemble the soup, soak dried shiitake mushrooms, if using, in a small 
amount of boiling water for about 15 minutes, or until soft. drain. cut 
off the woody stems and slice the caps very thinly. meanwhile, heat 6 cups 
stock in a large saucepan over medium heat. add the shiitake mushrooms, 
soy sauce, and sesame oil, and the sherry, if using. simmer gently for 5 
minutes. if you want a slightly thicker soup, place cornstarch in a small 
bowl. stir in water. add cornstarch-water mixture to the simmering soup. 
stir constantly until it reaches the desired thickness. add the chili oil 
a drop at a time, tasting after each addition. add the fresh mushrooms and 
sliced green onions. stir once and serve. 
serves 6; 1 cup per serving 
cook's tip if you buy whole chickens and bone them yourself, you can save 
money in two ways. you can store the bones in your freezer to use in 
making virtually fat-free chicken stock, and you get skinless, boneless 
chicken meat at about half the store price. 
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