Salsa Casera
ok good salsa is an art not a recipe i can only give you a basic 
recipe that works for me, after that your on your own with only your 
taste buds to guide you. 
salsa casera generic (belizean / yucatan mexico) 
6   good ripe tomatoes
2 large  white onions
1   red onion
1/2   cucumber
4 stick  celery
2   green red sweet peppers (capsicum type)
4 clove  garlic
2   limes
1 can  chopped tomatoes
1/2   tube tomato paste
large  bunch cilantro / coriander
ground black pepper 
sugar or honey 
ground cumin (o) 
dried thyme 
fenugreek seeds 
worcester sauce / salsa inglese 
white vinegar 
balsamic vinegar 
optional extras: (recommended) 
either of : 
2   habanero peppers (scotch bonnet)
2   chipotle
  damned big glug of good quality hot sauce (not tabasco) marie sharps
  is best
personally i go with all three. 
ok here we go hopefully you have a food processor of not its gonna 
take a couple of hours of chopping and dicing. 
chop all vegetables into a fine dice you are really aiming to get all 
ingredients down to between 1/4" to at largest 1/3". using food 
processor i find it easier to avoid turning everything to pulp by pre 
cutting with a knife to approx 1" squares e.g. toms into 6 pieces onions 
into 8 etc.etc. and then using the pulse button. 
with the cilantro take mostly leaves and throw the stalks away ( 
another good hint is to put the cilantro into the processor with the 
onions then follow with the toms. this avoids it all sticking to the 
as each prepared item is removed from processor tip into large mixing 
bowl. when all vegetables are in the bowl squeeze the juice of the limes 
and its time to start seasoning. start with about a tablespoon of salt 
and half of black pepper. add the tonned and tubed ingredients at this 
stage together with about a can of water ( i always use the tom can 
for this) next add about a heaped teaspoon of all the dried spices and 
about 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar. stir well checking the viscosity 
add more water if need be (these quantities will change after you 
start hunting for your own flavour and are just a guide for the 
uninitiated) a few good squirts ( 4 tablespoons ) of both balsamic 
and worcestershire sauce together with the "hot ingredients" add these to 
taste ( a word of warning dice these items more finely or you could 
end up with some fun as mother in law gets a lump of habanero ) now 
its time to bring the salsa back into balance .....tasting at this 
stage will definately cause a puckered face or two so slowly add the 
sweetener until balance is achieved approx 1/2 a cup of sugar should 
do it. 
you must remember salsa casera translates a the house salsa once you 
have a basic feel do not be afraid to try any other combination that 
takes your fancy after all it is the salsa of your house so who can 
say you did it wrong ? 
good luck 
(ID: 6476) Mirror: Wed, Aug 25, 2004

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