Fabulous Bread from a Bread Machine
hi all, 
if you have a bread machine that makes at least a 1.5 lb loaf you can make 
this bread. i have never bought bread from the store and have been making 
this recipe for 40 years. i started making it as a little girl when i 
would spend summers win connecticut with my grandparents. my nana taught 
me how 
to make this bread and for years i made it totally by hand. now that the 
arthritis has caught up with me, i have to use the bread machine to do the 
kneading. i adapted the recipe after my husband bought me the first 
machine that only made a 1 lb loaf and again after i got the oster that 
makes a 
1.5 lb loaf. there is not a holiday or special occasion that goes by that 
family member calls and asks if i can make the bread. 
i do variations by adding different items to the dry contents. i make dill 
bread by adding 4 tbls of dried dill, herb bread by adding 1.2 tsp of 
various herbs, etc. the family favorite is the dill and the plain white, 
so that is about all i make any more. 
anyway, everyone have fun with this and let me know how it goes. 
just click on the link below and it will take you the directions with 
blooming rose 
bread machine country white bread 
this recipe is made in an oster 1 lb loaf bread machine using only the 
dough/pizza setting 
  wet ingredients:
12 - 13 oz.  whole (not skim or 2%) milk
3/4 oz.  butter (1 1/2 tbsp), cold
1   egg, slightly beaten
  dry ingredients:
4 cup  flour (1 lb, 6 oz)
1-1/2 tsp  salt
1-1/2 Tbsp  sugar
2 tsp  active dry yeast
using pan spray, grease 2 large (12l x 4.5w x 3h) bread pans. if using 
regular size bread pans, this recipe will make 2 loaves and you will need 
4 greased pans. place mixing blade in bottom of mixing pan. 12 oz whole 
milk milk temp 110 - 115' wet ingredients in pan chop butter into small 
pieces and place in bread machine pan. slightly beat egg and add to pan. 
heat 12 - 13 oz of whole milk to 110'-115' (use thermometer to accurately 
read temperature) 
and add to pan. place flour into pan over wet ingredients and smooth out 
top by tapping sides of pan. sprinkle sugar and salt over flour. make 
small well in center of flour and pour yeast into well. place pan into 
bread machine and select dough setting. (you only want the machine to mix 
dough, not cook it). 
when bread dough comes out of bread machine, heat oven to 350' and place 
rack one level below the middle of the oven. turn dough out onto 
un-floured, clean counter and allow to rest 5 minutes. vigorously 
hand-knead dough for about 5-10 minutes. if making 2 loaves, divide dough 
in equal halves. roll out dough in either jelly-roll style or twist style 
jellyroll style: using rolling pin, roll dough out to 12" wide x 1/4" 
thick rectangle or size that will fit your pan. starting at long edge, 
roll dough jelly roll style. twist style: using hands roll dough into 
24" long rope. fold in half and twist into 12" long loaf. 
place dough into greased pan, squeezing length into pan (jelly roll loaf 
into pan seam side up) and flip loaf over to coat all sides and jelly roll 
seam at bottom of pan. (see picture - dough in pan to rise). place second 
greased bread pan upside down on top of loaf pan and place oven proof 
weight on pan. place in warm area, (preferably on top of stove while oven 
is heating or on top of stove with hood light on) and allow to rise for 40 
minutes. do not remove covering pan or weight cover & weight are used to 
prevent the loaf from mushrooming out of pan and to create a perfectly 
shaped loaf of bread 
place in center of oven rack and bake for 20 minutes. (see picture - pan 
in oven to bake) open oven pull out rack and remove weight and covering 
pan. return rack and bake another 10 minutes for browning of crust. 
remove from oven and immediately turn out onto wire rack and place rack on 
top of one of the bread pans to allow air to circulate around loaf and 
allow to cool 15 minutes before slicing. follow these simple directions 
and you will produce a perfect loaf of bread every time. 
please note: 
the temperature of the kitchen will affect the loaf of bread. if the 
kitchen is too cold your dough will not rise properly. i suggest that you 
turn your oven on before starting your bread and allow it to warm up the 
kitchen. likewise, in the summer, you do not want the cooler to be 
drafting into the kitchen and causing the bread dough to fall or the 
humidity to cause the same result. 
just be aware of the conditions in the kitchen and adjust accordingly. 
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