hawaiian hot sauce
habanero* chili peppers (quantity: 10 {hot} to 100 {very, very, very 
hot!}) 4 cups (or more) chili peppers* (you can use any kind available 
like aji rojo, ancho, anaheim, bahamian, bell, big jim, brazilian, 
cascabel, cayenne, chawa, cherry, chilaca, chiltepin, de agua, de arbol, 
dutch, fiesta, fips, fire-cracker, guajillo jalapeno, tabasco, serrano, 
scotch bonnets, macho, guero, huanchinango, jamaican hot, korean, 
malagueta, manzana, mexi-bell, mirasol, new mexican, pasilla, 
pepperoncini, pequin, peruvian, pimento, poblano, rocotillo, sandia, 
santaka, sweet italian, tepin, thai, yellow wax, etcetera! add them! the 
more the better. the idea here is to make some hot and delicious sauce.) 
1   pineapple
4   papayas (or mangos, or other tropical fruit)*
3   onions (large white or brown)
2 cup  white vinegar (apple cider, or red wine vinegar okay)
2 cup  filtered water
1 Tbsp  hawaiian salt (or morton's, or sea salt from the sea)
5 - 6   full garlic heads (yes, 2-4 cups of fresh prepared garlic cloves)
1/4 to 1/2 cup  local hawaiian honey (or honey bee, what's available)
cooking: remove the stems and place habaneros to the side in a separate 
bowl. prepare all of the other ingredients placing them in a large 
stainless steel or glass cooking pot. cook on medium heat ("5") for about 
15-30 minutes (stirring occasionally) until mixture looks almost cooked. 
add the habaneros, and continue cooking on low to medium heat trying to 
not have the habaneros change color too much (about 5 to 10 minutes). 
allow to cool on stovetop. 
blending: use your regular kitchen blender to blend the mixture on the 
highest speed. key: count to 10 or 15 while blending each canister load 
until smooth but still a little chunky. do not over blend! you will have 
to blend about 4-5 canister loads, a portion at a time, of course. putting 
by: place in glass jars with lids and a label. keep refrigerated when not 
in use. this hot sauce! lasts six months or longer in the 'fridge. but it 
will disappear as it is truly ono-licious on everything like eggs, fish, 
beef, chicken, pork, sandwiches, salads, kimchee, potato salad, cole slaw, 
you name it. it's great to use as a condiment like mayonnaise, ketchup, or 
mustard on everything you grind! 
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