Sweet Potato and Sesame Soup with Coconut Pesto
makes 20 servings 
  300g / 101 / 2oz red onions
1 tsp  garlic
1 tsp  ginger, grated
2 Tbsp  light olive oil
  20g / 1oz vegan margarine
3 Tbsp  dry sherry
1 Tbsp  palm sugar
  300ml / 10fl oz water
  750g / 1lb101/2oz sweet potatoes
  750g / 1lb10 1/2 oz carrots
2 tsp  soy sauce
1 Tbsp  tomato paste
2 tsp  sesame seeds, toasted
  75ml / 1 1/2 tsp chilli flakes
  800ml / 27fl oz tinned coconut milk
  50g / 2oz chopped coriander
  15ml / 3 tsp cumin seeds, toasted
1/2   lemon, juice only
  coconut, grated and toasted, for garnish
  100g / 3 1/2 oz sweet potatoes, lightly poached and diced
  coconut pesto
  25ml / 1/2 tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp  soy sauce
  50g / 2oz coriander leaves including stalks
pinch  of chilli flakes
1 Tbsp  freshly grated coconut
1 Tbsp  sesame oil
1 Tbsp  pine nuts
  lemon juice, maldon salt and pepper to season
  sunflower oil (to get consistency)
sweat the onions, garlic and ginger in oil and vegan margarine. add sherry 
and sugar, and sweat further for 5 minutes until it goes thick and sticky. 
add water. add sweet potatoes, carrots, soy sauce, tomato paste, sesame 
seeds, chilli flakes and coconut milk and simmer for 1 hour until all 
vegetables are soft. top up with water as it evaporates. puree with a hand 
blender and add coriander, cumin and lemon juice. if you prefer smooth 
soup blend in an electric blender. to make the pesto, puree all the 
ingredients together, if it is too thick add some sunflower oil to loosen 
it. garnish the soup with coconut pesto and diced sweet potato. 
recipe adapted from gerry goldwyre 
masterchef with the bbc 
(ID: 9752) Mirror: rec.food.recipes: Fri, Dec 5, 2003

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